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About us

Welcome to BarHashTech

BarHash Story begins in 2009. We are one brand in the group of companies were being Information Technology, Construction, and Real Estate, Trading Online, Export, and Import.

BarHashTech is a Future Technology Company and we have been consult and implement in Technology since 2009.

We believe in pure consultancy projects, not a box pusher vendor. We are connected with big names in the International market. Almost done more than 500 + projects and 1000 + conduct consultancy. Our hubs are internationally UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Pakistan, Turkey, UK, USA, and Egypt.

Our team is very passionate to do future products that are not available with other vendors. Our team excited about doing different challenges in the market through our expertise. Expertise in (HCI) Hyper-converged solution, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Software, Application, Connectivity, IOT, Smart solutions, Security Surveillance, Photography, 3d and general Designing.

We Start this Business to fill gaps and pain points of clients because many of them looking after on pure solution in entire infrastructure. We set strategies to full fill all the client requirements through our best Certified team. And we believe in “Customer is first”.

  • Consultency

  • Security Surveillance

  • Hyper-converged Solutions

  • Smart Technology

  • Software

  • Infrastructure

  • Applications

  • 3D Designs

  • Maintenance & SLA

  • Cloud Computing

  • Connectivity

  • Telecommunication

Talented peoples behind BarHashTech

Mustafa Jr & Younus Jr

CEO - Founder

Abu Hashir

CIO - Asia, Europe & Middle East

Abu Enaya

General Manager - Asia & Middle East

Mohammed Othman

Sales Director & Project Engineer - Middle East

Omer Khalid

GM - Cyber Security (PHD) - UK

Asem AL Masri

Manager & Designer - Turkey

Haseeb Ghani

Sales Manager - Asia

Mohammed Naviwala


Alisher Karimov

Business Development Manager - Turkey


Architect & Animation - Turkey

Amir Zeb

Technical Specialist - Middle East


Technical Specialist - Middle East & Asia

More about us

Our role is to provide Information Technology and Future products required for the fulfillment of Market mission in an efficient and effective manner through building word class proficiencies in the Consultancy analysis, Technical analysis, Design, Implement, Operation, Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Smart home Technologies, Hyper-converged Solutions, ICT solutions, Software, Application connectivity, SLA and Maintenance. Barhash is highly demanding computing atmosphere, Maintaining wide-ranging products and networks on both local and international gauges. Introducing new technologies to their limits by advance research and development with international brands and partners.

We consult client, Analyze the current infrastructure and then categorize key areas. Than we break out work process into smaller. Than our special team have a good look on the documents process to achieve best outcome. Next to automate the work process which we consult and analyze. Adjust all the workflow and then put new workflow into implement process.

We provide best product and service to customers. Our Quality Assurance focus on improving the process of deliver quality services, maintenance and products to the customers. As our mission is efficient and effective as per quality standards.

Quality Assurance checklist:

  • Establish SQA facilitation
  • Implement a quality management process
  • Conduct a process review
  • Create a report on the project status
  • Perform a process compliance review
  • Identity process improvement areas
  • Conformance to customer expectations
  • User Satisfaction
  • Delivery Speed

Our team respond as quick as possible to customers by our live chat, emails and Calls.

We know our customers very well, we keep remember our customer details and conversations.

We fix our mistakes immediately because human error can be with any one and customer is always first.

We go extra miles to keep customer happy and be in their radar for future business.

When we consult customer we think long term relation because keeping customer satisfy will market for us also. “In fact, according to author Pete Blackshaw, a satisfied customer tells at least three friends (whereas an angry customer tells 3,000!)”.

Our expertise